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Emily Cave – My life with Colby Cave, and how I’ll honor his legacy

[ad_1] Editor's note: Edmonton Oilers forward Colby Cave died on April 11, after suffering a brain bleed earlier in the week. He was 25. His wife, Emily, shares her story here, as told to ESPN's Emily Kaplan.When the hockey season paused for coronavirus, Colby and I returned to Canada. He was playing for Bakersfield at the time, the Oilers' AHL affiliate in California, meaning we had to quarantine for 14
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NBA restart confidence index – Big questions for top 10 teams

[ad_1] How well will the top teams in the NBA restart answer their big questions heading into the postseason? We polled the ESPN Forecast panel of 40 NBA experts for their confidence level in one key unknown about each of the top 10 teams in our latest round of Power Rankings.Can the Houston Rockets' micro-ball approach work? Will the Los Angeles Lakers find an effective closing lineup? Do the Toronto
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10 lingering questions about the NHL return-to-play bubbles

[ad_1] My favorite thing about the "return to play" documents released by the NHL and the NHLPA this week -- besides the whole "here's a way to bring hockey back this summer" thing -- is the subtle renaming of their "hubs" as the much more heavy metal "Phase 4 Secure Zone," which sounds like something Katniss Everdeen is trying to break into.These are extensive, exhaustive documents that cover the vital
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From hurricanes to coronavirus, three Puerto Rican athletes share their stories of what the island has faced

[ad_1] It's like Puerto Rico can't catch a break.First, in September 2017, came a borderline Category 5 hurricane, one of the most powerful ever to hit Puerto Rico and the mainland United States. Hurricane Maria caused an estimated $90 billion in damages and killed more than 2,900 people in Puerto Rico. Just as the island was starting to recover from the destruction left in the wake of the hurricane, in
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Discipline in a pandemic might be the ultimate competitive advantage in MLB

[ad_1] Major League Baseball's plan to play through a public health crisis is outlined in a handbook that encompasses more than 100 pages, every single one of which emphasizes the notion that professional baseball in 2020 will be unlike anything anybody has ever experienced. Players are advised to wear sandals in the shower and close airplane toilet lids before flushing and open windows on buses. Spitting and high-fiving are disallowed,

So long, goal-line fade – Why one of the NFL’s least efficient passing plays is disappearing

[ad_1] Calvin Johnson is appalled when he hears how rarely quarterbacks succeeded last season in throwing the goal-line fade, a pass he loved to catch during his playing days. Over the course of nine seasons, the former Detroit Lions wideout mastered the art of hauling in lofty tosses to the back pylon, limbs outstretched as he leapt over hapless defensive backs like the world's grittiest ballerina."I'm sorry, only five were
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UFC 251 – From the White House to the Raptors, this was the road to Max Holloway Inc.

[ad_1] THE MANAGER AND coaches of UFC featherweight Max Holloway trickled into the conference room, where walls were covered with screens showing the stats of NBA players. At the front of the room, leading the discussion, was Toronto Raptors general manager Bobby Webster.Webster brought in the Raptors' department heads in health, nutrition, operations and media to speak and answer questions. Then, Holloway's associates were given a tour of the team's
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Five things MLB can do right now to confront systemic racism

[ad_1] Major League Baseball is scrambling to get the 2020 season off the ground, with considerable concerns about travel, safety and logistics during the coronavirus pandemic. Also hovering over the game is the question of how it will face a new sensibility about race in America.Being neutral is no longer an option. The sport can set the tone if it can shift from words in a statement to taking on
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The biggest NHL playoff goalie dilemmas — and who should get the start

[ad_1] The 2020 NHL playoffs will be unlike any postseason that preceded them -- and perhaps the last 24-team tourney the league stages for some time.But as with any edition of the Stanley Cup playoffs, goaltending will be a deciding factor on which teams advance, and which teams leave their hub city early. For some teams, there's a clear No. 1 who will be tapped for this duty; for others,
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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander signs with Converse, joining Draymond Green and Kelly Oubre Jr.

[ad_1] 8:45 AM ETNick DePaulaESPN Converse announced Wednesday it has signed Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to a multiyear footwear and apparel endorsement deal, adding the versatile 21-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder star to a group of NBA and WNBA players tasked with relaunching its basketball category.Gilgeous-Alexander signed with Nike upon turning pro ahead of the 2018 NBA draft, but the 6-foot-5 combo guard will begin wearing Converse once the Thunder resume practicing this