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Forecasting the next three NFL seasons

[ad_1] I'm not really the long-range planning type, but I know some of you are, and I'm here for you. I am here to help.You're not content simply to know what will happen in the NFL in 2019. You want to know what will happen the year after that, and the year after that. It is for you, Mr. and Mrs. Long-Range Planner, that we produce this particular column year

Key anniversaries for the 2019 British Open

[ad_1] PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland (AP) — A look at key anniversaries during this year’s British Open: 150 YEARS AGO (1869) One year after Young Tom Morris became the first player to break 50 to win his first British Open, he made more history with the first hole-in-one on the 166-yard eighth hole at Prestwick. The 18-year-old Morris led by three shots after the opening round, and stretched the lead to

Why the Chargers shouldn’t extend Melvin Gordon’s contract

[ad_1] The following text is excerpted from Barnwell's story in February on what all 16 AFC teams should do this offseason. With the agent of Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon telling ESPN that Gordon will not report to training camp and will demand a trade unless he gets a contract extension, we're bringing it back:Don't sign Melvin Gordon to an extensionThe running back is entering the fifth-year option
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The NFL’s best and worst offensive arsenals

[ad_1] When I was compiling my rankings of each NFL team's offensive weaponry last year, the Chiefs came out at No. 1. I was a little surprised. I ran through the rosters again. The Chiefs were still tops. I ran with it, and, well, things went OK. Patrick Mahomes won league MVP in his first season as a starter, and while Mahomes is unquestionably an incredible quarterback, it didn't hurt

Picking the NFL’s best offenses at every personnel grouping

[ad_1] The way NFL teams use personnel is different from when I played from 2000 to 2006 as a defensive back. You don't see as many old-school fullbacks with the neck rolls, digging out linebackers in traditional two-back sets. The tight end position? Much more versatility and speed there. Those guys can move. And it leads to positive matchups against linebackers, safeties or even slot corners when the big boys

10 NFL players entering make-or-break years

[ad_1] There are expressions we use too much, in sports and in life, and today's is "make-or-break."As in, "Is 2019 a 'make-or-break'' year for Kirk Cousins in Minnesota?" Of course it's not. Obviously, Cousins could do himself harm in the minds of Vikings fans if he doesn't have a good year. But a bad year cannot "break" Cousins or his Vikings career, because no matter what happens the team will

The 2019 NFL All-Retirement team

[ad_1] The retirees are about to knock a team out of the NFL playoffs in 2019.ESPN's fourth annual All-Retirement team is stacked. The skill positions combine for 300-plus career touchdowns. The defensive front seven has All-Pros all over the field. The kicker is legendary.There's no Peyton Manning on this list, but two of the best centers of the past decades are available to block.The retirement team -- composed of a