Darius Slayton’s 39-yard TD catch gets Giants back in game

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Rookie wide receiver Darius Slayton scored his second touchdown of the game on a fourth-and-4 from the New York Jets’ 39-yard line in the second quarter.

Slayton beat struggling cornerback Nate Hairston at the line of scrimmage with a quick move. Hairston tripped over his own feet and Slayton was wide open on the slant route bringing him towards the middle of the field.

Fellow rookie Daniel Jones delivered the pass into Slayton’s chest. The fifth-round pick out of Auburn raced across the field and into the end zone on the opposite side of where he caught the ball. It was Slayton’s fifth touchdown grab of his rookie season.

Slayton joins Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) and Don Hermann (1969) as the only Giants first-year players with two-plus games with multiple receiving touchdowns since 1950. Hairston was benched after the play.

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