Plea deal offers to drop charges against Kraft

Prosecutors have offered a plea deal to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and 24 other men in which charges would be dropped for soliciting prostitution, the Palm Beach State Attorney confirmed Tuesday.

But there is a catch: Kraft and the other men would have to review the evidence and admit they would have been proven guilty at trial, spokesman Mike Edmondon told The Associated Press.

Attorneys for Kraft, when asked about the report Tuesday by ESPN’s T.J. Quinn, declined to comment.

In February, authorities announced that Kraft was videotaped twice paying for a sex act at an illicit massage parlor. Kraft is among more than 200 people, police say, who engaged in sex acts with employees of targeted massage parlors in South Florida.

Kraft pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor counts of first-degree solicitation. His court date is set for March 28.

It’s not known whether Kraft or the others will accept the conditions of the diversionary program, which includes completing 100 hours of community service, screening for sexually transmitted diseases, completing a course about prostitution and paying $5,000 per count.

If Kraft accepts the deal, the videotape evidence most likely would be sealed under Florida law, meaning it would never be aired in public.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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