Team Australia Settling In At World Short Course Championships

The Australian Dolphins have settled into a snowy Hangzhou in China ahead of the FINA World Short Course Championships beginning on 11 December.

Braving the near freezing outside temperatures, the team has hit the training pool and checked out the impressive facilities that await them at the competition pool.

The Dolphins team has a total of seven debutants, including Bond University’s Jenna Strauch who said it was a great experience being on the team for the first time.

“Being on team for the first time means there are a lot of firsts, so a bit more sentimental for us.

“It is nice to be here and soak it all in and learn from other more experienced athletes.

“The pool has been good, and training has been going really well so overall it has been great and this is also the first time I have seen snow so that is pretty cool.”

Triple Olympian Matt Dunn visited the team to share some of his experiences as an Australian Dolphin and present the debutants with their Gold Caps.

Strauch said it was special to be presented her cap by Dunn.

“That is my moment in history and was nice to hear Matt’s story and hear his experiences as well,” she added.

Double Olympian Cameron McEvoy will be swimming in his second World Short Course Championships, previously representing Australia in 2014 in Doha.

McEvoy’s advice to his new teammates was to enjoy the whole experience.

“Enjoy the experience of being away with the team and the daily routines you get into.

“Thinking back to my first team at the 2012 Olympics, I look back on that and remember vividly the racing but also have really fond memories of spending time with the other athletes and going through the motions of what it was like to be on a tour with the swim team.”

McEvoy said gaining international racing experience at competitions like the World Short Course is invaluable as they build towards Tokyo.

“It gives you that experience in uncharted waters in a way because it is so infrequent to race internationally.

“Getting exposure to all those different types of experiences at an international competition is going to help.

“The more surface areas of experience you get to uncover means by the time to get to one of the more important competitions such as the Olympics you have a bigger toolkit to work with as you go into that competition.”

Heading into the World Short Course Championships McEvoy currently sits in the top five rankings in both the men’s 50m and 100m freestyle.

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