River Plate deserve to be punished for violence but disqualification is highly unlikely

ESPN's Ricardo Ortiz joins the FC crew to discuss how justice can be served following the violence outside El Monumental at the weekend.

After suffering an eye injury from attacks on the team bus, Boca Juniors captain Pablo Perez voices his concerns with the safety at El Monumental.

With the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final postponed, Stewart Robson addresses the concerns about fans in the stadium for the second leg.
I was in the stadium for River Plate's first game of this overly dramatic 2018 Libertadores campaign — and very few people can say that.
The match was against Flamengo of Brazil, and it took place in Rio de Janeiro on Feb. 28th — behind closed doors. Flamengo were serving a punishment for the mass pitch invasion by their fans in the Copa Sudamericana finals the previous December.
It was clear, then, that River would have to suffer some kind of punishment for the action of their fans on Saturday,…

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