Rajamangala test will determine if Singapore sinks or swims in the AFF Cup

Singapore rebounded after their Matchday 2 defeat with a convincing 6-1 win over Timor-Leste in the 2018 Suzuki Cup.

The Philippines prevailed 1-0 over Singapore in Group B courtesy of a late winner by Patrick Reichelt.
In Southeast Asian football, the last place you want to be when only a win will do is Bangkok. Getting to the Rajamangala Stadium can be tricky. The best way is on the back of one of the hundreds of motorbikes that hang around the closest subway station to ferry the tens of thousands that head there for the big games.
If getting there is hard, getting out with something is more difficult.
Thailand have been the region's top dogs for a few years now and, aside from a below-par performance in last…

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